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Edmonton Data Recovery

Senvira Data Labs provides advanced data recovery services to the Edmonton area.  From forensic data recovery to damaged hard drives and missing files, our data recovery process used the most advanced data recovery technology in the world.

Senvira Data Labs provides safe data recovery services for all types of data systems and storage media devices including hard drives, ( RAID / NAS / SAN volumes ), removable disks, diskettes, CD, DVD, magneto-optical cartridges, USB flash and digital media data storage.

All Types of Media Data Recovery
Edmonton hard drive and data recovery
Professional Labratory
24 Hour Emergency Service

We can provide expert 24 hour Emergency Service available to you 365 days a year for your all hard drive recovery and data recovery needs.

For Emergency or after hours data recovery, call us at 004-123-9876 Follow the prompt for Emergency service.

Located In Edmonton

Our lab and technicians are located in Edmonton – which means no having to mail or ship your computer or hard drives across the country.

On site pick up is available as part of our data recovery service package in the greater Edmonton and surrounding area region.




We can extract hidden, lost and damaged data from nearly any storage device safely and securely using today's most advanced technologies.



Our proprietary system of file replacement and restoration can completely restore your computer after a damaging virus attack.

Cyber Threat Notification

Be notified of current breaking threats instantly from the Senvira Technical Lab

Senvira Services

Hard Drive Recovery

We provide advanced hard drive recovery and data transfers with a 96.3% recovery rate on damaged hard drives.

Data Recovery

We can recover data on all forms of electronic media and devices including locked, damaged and hidden data.

Virus Damage Repair

Specializing in data and computer recovery after a virus or malware attack.

Cyber Security

Strategic design and implementation of hardened cyber security measures to meet the growing threat of cyber extortion and data theft.

Security Consulting

We provide corporate and business cyber security prevention training to assist in protection your organization from becoming victimized by a data breach.

IT Services

Advanced IT and network maintenance, design and implementation services including 24 hour emergency service as well as remote IT services and consulting.