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Cyber Crime Prevention Training

Organizational Cyber Crime Protection Training

The most important layer of protection against becoming a victim of cybercrime is staff training. Senvira provides hands-on training seminars to teach your employees how to detect potential threats as well as be the gatekeeper against new attacks and fraud attempts.

92% Off All Cyber Attacks Originate from a Staff Member's Carelessness

When cyber criminal targets your organization in either a specific attack or through a mass virus attack, the overwhelming majority of cases involve an unsuspecting employee allowing them access through a variety of methods commonly used by cyber thieves.

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Senvira provides a growing range of advanced training programs for businesses, organizations, and groups. All of our training programs and seminars are designed to educate attendees on how to prevent falling victim to a cyber attack whether it be a ransomware scam, email fishing attempt or a fraudulent attempt to access company resources.

Created by experts, each program is carefully crafted to provide maximum knowledge while remaining entertaining and fast paced, Our goal is to ensure that our students enjoy their learning experience while at the same time, complete the training with actionable skills and knowledge.

Current Programs

Cyber Security Awareness Full Day Seminar
This 7-hour training session is designed to educate your employees on the threats businesses and organizations face from cyber criminals. It dwells deeply into how cyber attacks work and how 92% off all successful cyber crime occurs due to a careless or untrained employee.
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This 45-minute training and information session is designed to provide attendees a basic understanding of the threats facing their organizations by cyber thieves as well as internal digital fraud. With topics ranging from ransomware, data breach, legal obligations, password protection and digital security action plans, attendees will leave with a much more in-depth understanding of the cyber security threat.
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In more complex organizations or environments requiring customized training and solutions to cyber crime threats – Senvira can provide your organization with custom tailored training programs to fit your organization’s needs and objectives.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs with a Senvira Security expert.