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Cyber Security Prevention Luncheon

Cyber Security Awareness Full Day Seminar

93% of data breaches started with a spear-phishing attack opened by one of your staff and attacks have increased 10 fold in the past two years. Unfortunately it isn't if you are going to be attacked - but when.

The First and Most Important Line of Defense is Your Own Staff Body

Anyone who has access to a computer within your organization should be fully trained in cybersecurity detection and prevention. We can provide you cost effective training for staff bodies from 5 to 500 people.

cyber crime prevention training
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When it comes to cyber attacks and data breaches, Your users are the weak link in your network security and the only true way to prevent them from accidently allowing a cyber attack to start is proper training.

Our Security Awareness Training has been carefully designed to provide your organization and employees with a method to better manage the urgent cybersecurity problems of social engineering, spear-phishing and ransomware attacks that are reaching epidemic proportions.   Your employees are your greatest weekness when it comes to back doors to your company – but with proper training can become your most important defense against becoming a victim.

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Our Security Awareness Training has been created to make sure employees understand the techniques hackers and cyber thieves use to gain access to your network and computers.   We cover the intricate and often alarmingly sneak forms of spam, email phishing, spear-phishing, malware and social engineering and how they can apply this knowledge in their daily job requirement.  The focus is on not just alerting them to the threat and how to spot them – but to also understand the logic and motivation behind these advanced attacks.

Course Curriculum 

Luncheon Program ( Approximately 1 hour ) 

Our Luncheon Security Awareness program is designed to fully educate attendees in understanding the threats to their organization from cybercriminals and how to prevent implement security policies to protect their companies and institutions.    This hands-on training is face paced, entertaining and highly focused on the current security risks and methods cyber thieves are using to attack companies across North America.

Luncheon Curriculum

  • Module 1.   How Real is the Threat
  • Module 2.  How the Threat is Effecting Companies
  • Module 3.  Who is Behind the Attacks
  • Module 4.  How Attacks Happen
  • Module 5.  Types of Attacks
  • Module 6.  Spotting Suspicious Activity
  • Module 7.  Examples of Attacks
  • Module 7.  Security Best Practices

During the seminar, your participants will learn about using safe password procedures, safe browsing tactics, and social media safe practices.  In addition, we will discuss the growing threat of mobile penetration,  credit card and bank security practices, USB threats, network protection, and vulnerabilities as well as how to protect their companies against sphere fishing attempts and ransomware.

The emphasis of this program is to provide management and owners with a clear understanding of the threats and how what they need to do to protect themselves from becoming a victim of cybercrime.    By the end of the luncheon, they will be able to assess their own organizations level of protection and have a foundation of knowledge that will ensure they can take steps to greatly enhance their security to digital threats.

Current Dates Available

We currently have limited open dates through November and December.   Please contact our office to confirm availability.


  • Cyber Security Field Manual
  • Membership to our Daily Security Briefing Email List

Training Location:  

Training can be provided at your facility or place of choosing across Canada.   In addition, custom solutions can be tailored to your organizational needs including conference facilities and formal classroom environments.   Note -At this time we do not offer training seminars outside of Canada as our training is Canadian cyber security specific.  


Current Pricing for Fall / Winter 2016

  • Registration Fee: $750
  • Per Student Attendee:  $7 ( to cover handouts and literature )

Available Extras

  • Continental Breakfast: $14 per student
  • Catered Lunch: $19 per student

Travel Fees

For travel outside of the greater Edmonton Region,  travel fees will apply to seminar booking based on the cost of flight and accommodations required and are to be provided by the booking organization.

Bookings and Further Information 

For further information or to book your training seminar for your organization, please contact us at or call us directly at 780-628-6892 | Toll Free 800-710-3482.