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Edmonton Data Recovery

Edmonton Data Recovery

Our Edmonton based data recovery lab has technicians that can recover your lost data due to viruses, accidental data deletion, malicious employees and criminal / evidence attempts to delete or destroy data.

In addition, we can extract deleted or damaged data on any malfunctioning, broken or damaged hard drives or media storage device with complete precision using the most advanced recovery tools available - and the expertise to protect your data from further damage.

93% Recovery Rate

Our process of data analysis and extraction has an exceptional industry recovery rate of 93%. Our process allows us to find and extract data from damaged hard drives as well as hidden or missing data on your computer.

Simply put - if the data can be saved - we are the people that you want working on saving it.

data recovery services

Edmonton Data Recovery Services

Data loss can be caused by many different sources ranging from virus and malware, to purposeful deletion of data and hardware failure.

In most cases, deleted data can be recovered using advanced techniques and tools that are not accessible to the general public.   The Senvira Data Recovery Lab uses the same equipment that major law enforcement agencies use including the FBI and the RCMP operate.

Data Loss Situations

Accidental Date Deletion 

It is not uncommon for a computer user to accidentally delete important data or entire folders of data from their computer.   In some cases, this is just an annoyance, while in other cases, this can be a significant problem if the data was important for both consumer or corporate needs.    This typically is the easiest data to recover as it in most cases can be recovered in its entirety relatively quickly by our team.

Purposeful Data Deletion

In the case where data was deleted on purpose and was not meant to be recovered, Senvira’s Edmonton based data recovery lab has advanced tools and data detection applications/hardware that can extract deleted data hidden on the storage device or hard drive.  It is difficult for any computer user to completely and permanently delete all data from a computer and our forensic-grade data recovery services can find and restore your data.

Virus and Malware Data Deletion  

In the case of data being deleted by a virus or malware infection, we can assist you in recovering the deleted data while isolating the virus from further infection or causing more damage.  This requires an advanced technique but our success rate is exceptional for this type of data recovery.

Equipment Failure Caused Data Loss

In the case of a mechanical failure where your hard drive has failed or the computer has been damaged,  we can extract missing data from its storage devices up to and including full recovery of all data on a hard drive.

What Determines if Data Can and Can’t Be Recovered? 

Data on a drive in most cases is recoverable if you have the right training, experience, and equipment.   Even hard drives that have been submerged in water or heavily damaged in a fire can have their data successfully recovered.   Each hard drive requires a unique assessment and recovery process.

Time Frame for Recovery of Your Data

Safely recovering your data can take up to 5 days depending on several factors including complexity of your project, and how much is on your hard drive as it is a time-consuming process that involves highly technical recovery procedures and advanced components.  Our data recovery technology and equipment is of the same make and caliber as government law enforcement uses and the FBI in the United States.

We Can Recover Data from All Types of Hard Drives. 

From laptops to tablets to desktops, smartphones and servers, we have the technology, equipment, and experience to recover the data stored within.

Please use the form below to contact us in regards to your hard drive or call us at 780-610-1000 to speak with a lab technician about your data recovery project.