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Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

Our technicians can recover your hard drive and save your information on malfunctioning and damaged hard drives with complete precision using the most advanced recovery tools available - and the expertise to protect your data from further damage.

93% Recovery Rate

Our process of data analysis and extraction has an exceptional recovery rate. Our process allows us to extract data from even the most damaged hard drives. Simply put - if the data can be saved - we are the people that you want working on saving it.

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Data failure on a hard drive is classified into two distinct categories – logical failure and mechanical failure.

Logical failure is when the actual physical hard drive is still functioning, but the data on it is unreadable.  The causes of this a varied and in some cases this data may be able to be recovered without replacing the actual hard drive.  In the case of a mechanical failure of the hard drive, the data on the drive may be fine but inaccessible due to the inability of the hard drive itself to function properly.
The first step in assessing the correct method to save the data is to determine what type of failure has caused the issue.

Assuming the hard drive has not failed mechanically but has instead become corrupted through digital causes ( viruses, accidental deletion, malicious employee ) we can assess what and how much data is recoverable.  In many cases, it is possible to recover the majority of the data which includes deleted data using a variety of proven and safe methods to extract the data.

In the case of a mechanical failure, the hard drive will need to be taken apart and either repaired or replaced.  During this process, the drive is essentially operated on in a sterile chamber that protects it from dust, moisture and anything else that could damage the actual disk that contains the information on the drive.  This component of your hard drive is then temporarily installed in our lab where we can systematically recover the data that is on the disk.

What Determines if Data Can and Can’t Be Recovered? 

Data on a drive in most cases is recoverable if you have the right training, experience, and equipment.   Even hard drives that have been submerged in water or heavily damaged in a fire can have their data successfully recovered.   Each hard drive requires a unique assessment and recovery process.

Time Frame for Recovery of Your Data

Safely recovering your data can take up to 5 days depending on how much is on your hard drive as it is a time-consuming process that involves highly technical recovery procedures and advanced components.  Our data recovery technology and equipment is of the same make and caliber as government law enforcement uses and the FBI in the United States.

We Can Recover Data from All Types of Hard Drives. 

From laptops to tablets to desktops, smartphones and servers, we have the technology, equipment, and experience to recover the data stored within.

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