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SSL Certificate Installation Fees

Professional SSL Installation

A SSL Security Certificate protects any data transmitted from the user side to your website secure from being stolen by data thieves. For blogs and other type sites that are not using forms or have sensitive data privacy requirements, SSL's are not mandatory. For industries and websites such as professional practices and eCommerce sites, having the correct level of SSL and properly installed is critical to your site's protection of user data.

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SSL Installation and Management Fees / 2018

Senvira can install an SSL certificate and manage its function for you. The cost is variable depending on the level of certificate you require, as well as the time required to ensure your site is functioning correctly after the certificate installation.

It’s important to understand the difference between a service like ours and a standard SSL retail store such as offered by GoDaddy etc. These companies only provide the raw installation of the certificate and do not ensure that your site is functioning correctly after it is installed which can lead to extensive downtime and ongoing problems

Our service provides you an entire turnkey SSL solution that removes all guesswork from the equation. We take the time to assess your industry, your current site, and your security needs. We then ensure the right classification of certificate is installed and functions correctly.

General Pricing by Industry

Please see the following charts for fees for SSL installation and monthly management costs.  This fee includes installation, monitoring, automated renewal and all fees.

The pricing for our SECURE SITE package is an all-inclusive security management fee that provides monitored advanced security and protection for your website, databases, domain and server.

All SSL Packages Include

  • SSL Applications and Paperwork
  • Installation and Activation of Your SSL
  • $250,000 Liability Insurance
  • Dynamic Site Seal Logo
  • Total Solution Browser Compatibility
  • Mobile Ready and Compatible on 99.6% of Devices
  • Complete Turn Key with No Hassles
  • Daily Scanning for Malware or Hacking Attempts
  • Automated Free Annual Renewals
  • 24/7 Uptime Site Monitoring


Professional Practices

Industry Set Up & Installation Monthly Safe Site Option
Medical $399 $129 $349
Medical Advanced $1299 $269 $599
Chiropractor $399 $79 $229
Dental $399 $129 $349
Accounting $399 $89 $279
Law Firm Basic $449 $269 $399
Law Firm Advanced $1299 $399 $599
Trustee $399 $129 $229

General Industry

Industry Set Up Fee Monthly Secure Site Monthly
Basic eCommerce $299 $129 $279
Advanced eCommerce $799 $229 $599
Blog / General Site $249 $79 $229
Media $249 $129 $249
Wordpress Site $249 $79 $229
App / Software $399 $129 $279
Software Signing Certificate $899 $199 NA
App / Software Advanced $599 $229 $599
Industrial / Manufacturing $399 $179 $349
Oil Field $399 $249 $399

Getting Started

Please contact our SSL team at to book a free consultation regarding your SSL security needs or call us at 780-800-4849.  Our team will assess your needs and provide you a custom tailored solution to your organizational needs for both today and moving forward to the future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

SSL Monthly is the fee our firm charges to manage and maintain the status of your SSL certificate on your website and removes any guesswork or potential technical problems for you for the duration of your agreement with us.  The SECURE SITE MONTHLY service is our all all-inclusive management of your website’s security.  Note:  The fee for the Secure Site Monthly includes management of the SSL fee and is not in addition to.

All packages are based on a 1 year contract.

Website security is becoming a significant concern in our technology-driven society.  The constant threat to data and privacy is a major concern for law enforcement and North America is a prime hunting ground for hackers and criminal organizations in Eastern Europe and Asia where there is little enforcement or ramifications for illegal activity.

With that said, the specialized knowledge required for website security is far different than website development.  Websites are developed for aesthetic appearance and function, while things such as SSL certificates and firewalls are an advanced measure to protect your firm and your clients/customers.   For small blogs or general websites, this type of security isn’t needed and can be handled by your website company.  For professional firms, corporations and other firms that by law are required to protect the privacy and data of their users, having a proper security strategy in place is as important as having insurance for your practice.

Some larger firms or practices may require a higher level of protection and security and this price reflects the cost of the services provided.  This can include military-grade encrypted data transfers, advanced firewall protection, cloud DNS setup and other security measures designed to make your site as secure as humanly possible.