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Virus Damage Repair

Virus Damage Repair

Our data and computer recovery lab specializes in repairing damage caused by computer viruses, malware and other forms of code generated malicious damage.

Virus damage can occur in many forms and can include deleted files or damaged elements of the code in Windows and/or the associated programs that you may run on your system ( such Word, Outlook, Internet Browsers and other third party software including accounting programs etc. )

In addition, we can extract deleted or damaged data on any malfunctioning, broken or damaged hard drives or media storage device with complete precision using the most advanced recovery tools available - and the expertise to protect your data from further damage.

Replacing Damaged Files in Windows

If your Windows operating system is not working correctly due to the fault of a virus or malware infection, our data lab can quickly repair the damage using a proprietary method of scanning your entire Window's file structure for damaged or missing files and components and then replacing them with new files directly from the Windows file repository. This process will not affect any other files on your system and will restore your Windows program to proper operation.

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Repairing Your Computers and Networks After a Virus Attack


Malware, trojans, spyware all can contribute to serious issues on your computer system.   Depending on the infection, your computer’s operating system can experience problems in speed and performance or the inability to execute programs and commands as normal.   In other cases, the system may become highly unstable and result in freezing or shutdowns including what is commonly called the blue screen of death which is when Windows shuts down the computer during a serious error in an attempt to prevent any further damage to the operating system’s core components.

With each passing year viruses and their objective become more and more advanced and subsequently damaging.  There are many types of viruses which is an umbrella term to describe all of the most common types of infections.

The most common virus components and attacks

  1. Computer Viruses.  These include infections that are classified as malicious code that is designed to damage the user’s computer system and include trojans, worms, malware and other commonly known virus terms.
  2. Data Theft Infections.  These viruses are designed to capture information from your computer including banking information, personal data to be used for illegal purposes including blackmail, as well as access personal accounts on websites, email accounts and other services requiring password details.
  3. Hijacker Infections.  Hijacker viruses are one of the oldest forms of infection and typically take over a computer’s browser and internet usage by forcing a user to visit sites including pornography, gambling and other sites that pay for any form of traffic.
  4. Spyware.  Spyware is a term that has been used to refer to many different types of virus and malware infections.  Typically spyware has the intent of installing other programs on your computers such as shopping sites or even cookies to generate commissions on future sales.
  5. Ransomware.  The fastest growing and most damaging form of virus attacks, ransomware installs a virus that encrypts your data and files on your system and forces the user to pay a ” ransom ” to get their information back.

We can assist you in recovering and repairing your computer system in the case of any type of virus attack.  This can in many cases be done remotely through our technicians working on your computer over the internet – or in the case of the computer being unable to function correctly or go online ( or in the case of a serious virus infection should not be online for concern over spreading ) we will work on your computer at our lab.

We Can Recover Data from All Types of Hard Drives. 

From laptops to tablets to desktops, smartphones and servers, we have the technology, equipment, and experience to recover the data stored within.

Please use the form below to contact us in regards to your computer virus repair needs or call us at 780-610-1000 to speak with a lab technician about your project.